A handy chart

Hello again. This morning as I was reading Lime.com I found a link for a very handy chart regarding pesticides in food. I may have emailed it to you already. But if not, here’s the link:

The link shows common fruits and veggies we buy that have the highest and lowest amounts of pesticides in them. Since I can’t afford to buy all organic stuff nor do I grow everything myself, it’s nice to know which foods I might buy ‘regular’ and which ones I should try to buy ‘organic.’ Apparently it’d be really good for my family to buy organic apples rather than bananas. (Although I have to say, organic bananas seem to keep much better than regular ones. Even if the skin is spotted brown they’re still really fresh on the inside.) Or maybe I should start letting S plant all the seeds he wants. He’s frequently asking to plant seeds from whatever fruit he is eating at the time. We’d have quite the fruit variety if they actually grew!


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