I gotta tell you, this whole Boy Scout thing…a think it’s a scam. I sent a lovely 7 year old to them for camp on Sunday. But do they send him back? No! What do they send in return? A ball of dirt. I don’t think that’s a good trade at all. I was about to file a lost child alert, however, after I threw the ball of dirt into the shower…for quite a while…S emerged! It was quite the trick. Who would have known he was in there? So maybe they’re not scammers after all…just magicians! Hard to believe there could be a child hidden in all that dirt, but apparently there he was. Anyway, once I did find S, I learned he had a great time at camp. He swam, fished, played games, and had water gun fights. He also ate more candy than I even want to think about. So much for the money we sent for ‘souvenirs!’ I should have known better…he is an Oberlin boy after all. Candy candy candy. The surprising thing is that he isn’t ‘wired’…I think they wore him out! Which, if you know our S, is a very impressive trick! They really are magicians!


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