Our new table/A busy day

Yesterday we got our new table! It’s hard to believe…Monday Matt and I went shopping for a table and we found one the same night! This truly is amazing. We were getting discouraged, because it was hard to find one we both liked and we could afford. We did find one we thought we’d go with, but thought we’d look a couple more places. On the way home we stopped at one more store, and there it was! And 50% off at that.

Tuesday our sister-in-law Heidi and Matt’s mom helped us pick it up (saving us a delivery fee.) I decided at the last minute they should join us for dinner…and we ended up having a crew! Matt’s mom, dad, sister in law, brother in law, nephew, and of course our own Oberlin clan. While I quickly threw food together (with some help from Mom and Heidi), Heidi played with Kianna, Matt grilled, and Dad (with some help from Matt and Russ) put the table and chairs together. A bit hectic, but it worked. Then we enjoyed fitting everyone around our table. There were eight of us, plus Kianna in her new seat. Our old table fit four comfortably…as long as we didn’t have much food on the table. This table expanded to fit all of us plus our food…a luxury to us right now! (We’ve found it’s handy to have the food on the table at meal times…we’re just funny that way.)

The same day I also got to spend time with my friend and mentor, Kathryn, in the afternoon. And after our family left last night our friend Wendy came over. Such a lovely day, even if it was a bit busy!

Here’s a pic of our new table. You may notice Kianna’s seat is at the head of the table. That’s simply because she runs the house.

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