Life and Death

Yesterday I went to a funeral visitation for a couple who had to bury their infant daughter. One of those experiences you wish no one ever had to go through. Death is always bad, but when it’s an infant or child it seems even more profoundly wrong. This just isn’t what God intended for His world. At one end of the funeral home lay an old man. Probably a grandfather, father, and friend. There was a picture board in the hallway indicating the life he lived and the hole he was leaving behind. It looked like many will be missing him. At the other end of the funeral home was a tiny tiny casket holding a tiny person who never got to experience life. Rather than pictures of who she had been and how she had lived her grieving parents had pictures and items indicating the hopes they had had for her. It was heartbreaking. Our house is next to a cemetery and when we walk through we see a variety of tombstones…grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children, babies. Death just hurts, especially when it hits the young.. I have no answers to questions, all I can say is that this isn’t how it was meant to be. We know that beautiful baby girl is making a joyful noise with Jesus right now. However, please pray for the family left behind. If you’ve had to live through this before, you know exactly what they’re going through. For me, it hurts so much to even try to imagine it. It’d be so much worse to be living it. Healing will come, eventually. Joy and hope will return. But holes and scars will remain.

As for me, I keep kissing my baby girl and thinking of what a gift she is (which I do often, but even more so this week.) Last night Matt, S, and I sat around a campfire (after K was in bed) and I thanked God for the gift of my children. Granted, some days I feel like I wouldn’t mind exchanging my ‘gifts’ for a book or a puppy, but truly, I am blessed.


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