Mystery Outing

Matt’s parents have this really cool tradition of planning ‘mystery outings’. They get all the kids together and beforehand we get a hint as to what the event will be (and what to wear or bring for it.) Past events have been going to ride on the Silver Lake Dunes, staying at Great Wolf Lodge, and riding in a limo to see Christmas lights, etc. Well, this past weekend we had another outing. Our clue was: “Over land and over sea, where could it be? You can twist our arms, but we won’t tell. We won’t even cry ‘uncle.’ ” Well, on Saturday we were driven to Matt’s Uncle’s boat in Grand Haven and we rode up Lake Michigan to Muskegon for dinner. It was very fun! However, there was a brief but strong rain shower, which left several of our clan, well, damp. So the ride home was a bit chilly for some, but otherwise it was a great day! The sunset out on Lake Michigan was gorgeous.

Our friend, Kathi, watched K for us (S was at his grandparents). Kathi did a great job. And that was the longest I’d been away from K. (Although at one point in the evening I was ‘done’ and ready to get home. Unfortunately we were on the Lake then. So I had to wait quite a while!) Thanks, Kathi! Nothing like watching a baby girl for a neurotic momma!


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