A scary night

Yesterday we went to a wedding, which was quite fun, celebrating the union of Lindsay and Andy, a couple who have dated many years. However, the evening quickly turned ugly when we got home. It was a rainy day and we had been gone for several hours. Matt dropped off me and K and went to pick up S at Aunt Elisa’s house. I immediately brought K upstairs to put her in bed. While I was upstairs I thought I heard the screen door, which was odd because I knew Matt had just left. A few minutes later I came down stairs and noticed one of our cats near a paper grocery bag (he loves those) and figured the sound I heard was from him and the bag. I started putting some things away when I walked into the living room and saw a baseball cap in the middle of the floor. Not something we had left there, especially since Matt doesn’t wear them and it was WAY to big to be S’s. I also noticed the laptop was not on the couch, where I had last seen it a few hours earlier. Trying to process this, I touched the cap and it was soaking wet. I quickly realized the computer had been stolen while I was upstairs with K. I called Matt and the police and took K over to our neighbor’s house to wait for the police. In minutes they arrived and made sure there was no one in the house any longer.

Needless to say, I’m still fairly creeped out. We’re very grateful nothing worse happened. Nothing else appears to be stolen, and K and I were not physically harmed or even threatened. But we’re also disturbed by what did happen. Someone scoped out the house (to even see the laptop on the couch they had to look in some windows) and then waited for their opportunity. They came in the back door, went all the way to the front of the house to get it, and left, all while I was home.

We’d appreciate your prayers as we process this. We’d also really like the laptop back! Matt has LOTS of hours of work several few projects on it. Much of that work will be lost unless the laptop is retrieved. So if you wouldn’t mind praying for our peace of mind as well as the return of the laptop, we’d be really grateful.


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