Sick sick sick and sick

Not too much has been happening around here…most of our tribe has been sick recently. It seems we get through one illness and another one comes to visit! This week Matt was the sickest one of the group. In fact the kids and I were out to an appointment on Monday and when we got home Matt was sprawled out on the kitchen floor! That was a bit scary! I had talked to him on the phone 10 minutes earlier, so I know he wasn’t passed out too long, but longer than we’d prefer! Thankfully his health has gradually improved over the week and he’s had no other scary incidents.

Outside of our household, my sister-in-law, Teresa had surgery to remove a tumor from her head last Friday. (Which makes our illnesses seem quite small in comparison!) She is recovering very well and went home from the hospital on Wednesday. She’s got a long recovery ahead of her (and your prayers would be greatly appreciated), but she’s doing well and getting stronger each day. We’re thrilled it went so well and we can continue to both enjoy and torment her for years to come!


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