Quietness and beauty

I realize I haven’t written much lately, it seems not much is going on. Have you had those periods when you feel ‘stuck’ or where you’re in a holding pattern? That’s where I’m at right now. With Matt not working, I feel like I’m just waiting for a job to come along. In the meantime we can’t go many places or do much (cause lots o stuff costs moolah). So I wait. And try not to stress too much about the economy. Or picture all the scenes from the “Waltons” during the depression. But rather than look for joys at home, I’ve been simply ‘being’. This morning I actually have a few quiet moments to myself and rather than fill them…which I’m REALLY good at…I’m sitting…or at least trying to. The snow is falling and it is really beautiful outside. We live RIGHT next to a cemetery, so I look out my window to a peaceful white scene. Plus we’ve got a fire going, which makes our home extra cozy. It’s good. I fail too often to enjoy moments like these. But when I do stop and be quiet I often find beauty. I need to look for more beauty and more joy each day, I have much to be thankful for!
My family is relatively healthy…no major diseases and cold aren’t too bad right now.
My house is cozy, warm, and filled with a great family.
My sister is healing well from her surgery.
We have many family and friends who we love and who love us.
I have some chocolate in my cupboards.
What more do I need today?
May you see beauty wherever you are today.


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