Moving Matt out of state…again.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote on this! And what an eventful year it’s been! Someday I’ll get into all that. But for today, Matt left. Again. He had moved to Ohio, moved back to Michigan (I liked that part a lot), and now he’s moving to Alabama. Birmingham. He starts his new job Wednesday. Tomorrow he looks for places to live. What a week it has been! Last Tuesday afternoon we found out he got the job. I look forward to the day we all live together again, even if it is in Alabama. I told Matt I was tired of moving him out of state…he agreed with that sentiment!

As look toward our life in Alabama, I’ll work harder at keeping up with a blog. I dread leaving family and friends behind. Although, I’ll be ready to have my immediate family all together again!

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