I cannot even begin to say how thankful and overwhelmed I am. Thursday we loaded the truck. We had 19 people there to help, wish us well, etc. During the day Thursday I had 7 other women there helping me with packing and last minute jobs. Many of you came multiple days to help me prepare to move. These ladies were willing to do anything to be helpful…such troupers! In the last couple weeks there were another 3 women (who weren’t able to come Thursday) who came back more than once (which is amazing in and off itself!) to help me pack. And then there were the x number of people who helped me declutter the house, work on the outside, helped us and our stuff travel to Alabama, etc. etc. etc. etc. There were also 7 extra children running around the house at various times while their parents helped me with this daunting task. (K loved it when the kids were there!) Some couldn’t physically be part of the process but prayed for us a LOT. We NEEDED that too!

We succeeded. We successfully packed and emptied 1 house. We successfully reunited the Oberlin family of (almost) 5 in Alabama.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Of course, as my loving brother in law told me, “that’s what family is for: to move you out of state.” Not sure if everyone wanted to be helpful or just wanted to help us move AWAY. 🙂

We will miss you so much. Thank you for all the time you’ve poured into our family, both this month and in the past many years. Y’all are loved. Thank you!

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