oh. my. word.

What a frustrating morning! I called the hospital this morning regarding a concern and never did hear back from the doctor. I called on some medical bills…of course the hospital couldn’t pass on my insurance information, so I had to make several calls. And I found out the doctor who delivered J doesn’t take my insurance at all. So we got on a long term payment plan with his office. Plus I found out another local NICU is much more family friendly than the hospital we’re at, but it’s not possible for us to switch. Not the best day. I called the hospital again mid afternoon, even more frustrated when I found out the doctor had left and had never bothered to call me. (She’s probably a great doctor, but her ‘bedside manner’ seems to be…lacking.)

Then my day changed drastically. With one little comment from the nurse. The doctor (same one who didn’t return my call) is looking at an overnight on Thursday with J coming HOME on Friday. Home Friday. This Friday I might have a baby IN MY HOME. Oh. My. Word. I was not expecting my day, week, life to change so dramatically so fast! I suddenly no longer cared about my concerns with the NICU policies/attitudes. I might have my boy with me this week. As of Thursday night I can be with him a LOT. (They require parents have an overnight with their baby in a family room in NICU. They usually require both parents be there, but given our situation they’ll allow just one of us to come so the other parent can be with S and K.) Then he’d come home with us Friday.

J needs to not have another alarm. And he’ll be coming home with an apnea machine. (This momma doesn’t care. He’ll be home.) Please pray with me (again, still, etc.) that he has no more alarms or other issues. He is on formula for three days and they are hoping that takes care of his jaundice. Apparently breast milk can increase jaundice issues for a while. If they determine this is the cause (ie his bilirubin levels plummet by the end of the third day) they don’t worry about it; eventually it’ll level out on its own. It seems they don’t know why this happens, but it does happen in some breastfed babies. If his levels are not down after the third day they’ll do other testing.

J’s kidney/plumbing procedure indicated no further problems, which is good. Usually his issue resolves itself on it’s own, but they’ll follow up when he gets a little bigger. He had an ultrasound on his head this morning and the spot from bleeding is the same, which is apparently good. It can take a while to reabsorb, the question was if it spread, caused an infection,etc. They’ll follow up on this later as well to be sure it’s healed.

Please pray J is home by this weekend. I’m giddy at the thought and praying we won’t be disappointed. Here’s hoping it works out!

Have I thanked you for all your prayers and support lately? THANK YOU!!

(I’m not even touching the dance floor tonight. Just floating.)

BTW, I had a really good discussion with the nurse practioner working tonight. I felt like she really heard me. Don’t know if she’ll be able to do much, but hopefully down the road other families will have a better experience. I told her I would like to be part of the team, or at least part of the discussions of what happens with my baby. She seemed to think I wasn’t asking too much!

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  1. Donna
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 19:25:48

    Can I join you in the OH. MY. WORD.? That is great news Chel! I have goose bumps and tears at the same time for you, and I just can't type fast enough to tell you how wonderful this is, and I can not imagine how you must be feeling if I have all this going on. I will definitely keep you and Jace and the whole family in my prayers. Thank you so much for keeping us all updated, in the dance of your life. Love, thoughts and prayers from Michigan.


  2. Kathi
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 19:32:39

    Oh. WOW. That's exciting and sudden and exciting. You will all remain in my prayers, Chel. I pray that Jace will be able to come home Friday.


  3. Jen G
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 20:25:45

    Oh.my.word. indeed! SOOOOO happy for you. Will be praying crazier than I have been that he gets to come home this Friday! I actually have goosebumps for you!


  4. Val Elmergreen
    Aug 24, 2010 @ 20:43:37

    Praise the Lord my dear, Praise to the Most High. It's your turn to float across that dance floor. Will continue to pray that he has no more bradys and that bilirubin count goes down. Oh.My.Word.


  5. Anonymous
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 05:28:03

    that is unexpected wonderful news. Am praying every day that he inproves and he is. Praying that he will come home this week. How exciting. Thank the Lord for the many prayers that have gone up for him and will continue to pray for good health for the little guy.


  6. Pam
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 06:23:18

    I have to teach a computer class today, and I'm on my way out the door, but stopped to read…..Wow! I will certainly pray throughout the day. And this photo is sooooo cute! Love, Pam


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