A Wake Up Call

Now I realize the Alabama tourism people will not be appointing me as spokeswoman this year, but I had yet another wake up call tonight. The weather was beautiful today and I was anxious to get outside…it seems I’ve been cooped up forever between the heat and the hospital! We decided to go hiking at a nearby state park. It was a beautiful drive there through the hills and the trees. As we drive into the park we see a sign for ticks. I hate ticks and I start rethinking my idea of spending time outdoors. S is already concerned we have no bug spray with us, and he doesn’t know about the ticks. Matt and I had discussed rattlesnakes during the drive, supposedly they’re around the area. Awesome. A movie is sounding better and better. But we all really want to be outdoors, so we press on. We start hiking down a trail and I decide I should talk to K about snakes, just in case we see one someday. I explain to her if she sees a snake, stay far away from it and go to Mommy or Daddy. As I’m discussing this with her I spot a rattlesnake barely off the trail (by a few inches at most)! Well, I’m certainly awake now! Now for those of you from the South, this would be no big deal, but I’m a Michigan girl. We have one poisonous snake and not only have I never seen it, I don’t know of anyone who has. So standing less than three feet from one with my newborn and toddler was a bit startling! I would have liked to take a picture, but I was more concerned with getting K away. I’ll certainly be alert when I’m outside down here!

Other than that, it was a short but beautiful hike. Great scenery, enjoyed the weather, and we saw/heard some cool animals (such as non life-threatening birdies and frogs). Alabama is certainly full of adventures!

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  1. Pam
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 06:29:33

    Rach, my family in the south are scared to death of snakes, and they are always aware of where they are stepping. My cousins could not believe that Bev and I would go tramping through cemeteries with tall grass. I was under the impression that they would hear/feel us coming and get out. However, rethinking that, I don't know. That being said, of all the decades of living down there, we only know of one being bit (my grandmother). They'd say, stay on the path, don't step on or between rocks (they're warm) without looking carefully first, have extreme caution/wear boots if picking fruit like berries; and if gardening, don't turn over rocks with your hands. And don't put a birdhouse on a pole. Really–Mom told me about that. My personal experience makes me fearful of swimming in rivers/lakes there. I guess you just always have to watch. I'm sorry. I know it makes Michigan desirable. I don't know anyone here who has ever seen one either. I'm glad "the first time" is over with now.


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