For as long as I can remember Fall has been my favorite season. I love being able to put on a sweatshirt after the heat of summer. I love the smell of the leaves and hearing their rustle as I walk through them. I don’t love the raking part, but I absolutely love the the blanket of color they provide as they coat the ground. I remember once driving down a really ugly, street in GR and even it was beautiful with leaves coating the streets and lawns. I love pumpkins, either for decorating or eating. Apple cider, warm or cold. And of course the donuts. Oh, the donuts…YUM. And donuts with apple cider…even more yum. I love making making apple sauce and having the smell permeate the house. It makes the home so warm and inviting. It also makes one hungry…there’s nothing quite like the taste of warm, fresh applesauce.

I love the colors of Fall, the oranges, yellows, and reds. It can be so incredibly beautiful to drive around Michigan on a crisp, sunny Fall day…the colors just pop against the blue sky. I’ve always known if I moved away from Michigan I would miss Fall so much. It is a fabulous season in Michigan, even if it does have two big downsides (A. it goes way too fast and B. it is followed by winter).

Fall in Alabama is lovely so far in it’s own right. The temps are currently in the 80’s with cool evenings…it really is nice. After the blistering heat of summer and September, it’s a welcome change. And it’s great to know it isn’t going to be soon followed by months of drab winter. However, the saddest part is the apples. They are…to put it kindly…lacking. This is definitely not apple country. They’re imported from Washington and not remotely as tasty as Michigan’s. Plus, my very favorite apple, The Macintosh, is extremely hard to find down here at all. It’s so sad. This year we did at least have some homemade applesauce, thanks to my sister in law, Elisa. She sent us home with some when we visited Michigan. We savored that!

I have been thrilled to discover there are some colors on the trees here. Definitely not as glorious as Michigan, but the colors add extra beauty to the foothills we live in. I’m posting a picture, especially for Pam, to show the bit of color we have here. I’m so grateful for it! These are trees right outside our apartment.

If you’re in Michigan, savor this season; it goes quickly. Eat a donut and a Macintosh for me.


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  1. Teresa Lasher
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 16:58:55

    I agree with you Sis…Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year w/the colors, donuts and apple cider! When we do our Harvest Apple Orchard visit, I'll be thinking of you when I eat an apple and a donut! p.s. my favorite is the honeycrisp.love ya, sis


  2. Pam
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 17:03:30

    Aaawwww! A week ago, I commented that I thought this year's colors were on the brown/dull side. Then, boom! Last weekend, they popped out in brilliance. That lasted until yesterday, when it rained. It rained water and leaves. The big maple at our deck in now emptied of its leaves! I could not believe it when I got home from school today. So, that brilliance lasted 1/2 week! Does it always go this fast? I don't think so. You know, once the rains come, the leaves come down. Last Sunday night when we got home from upnorth, we looked out the back window and there stood the most beautiful tree of all. Right here at home! Thank you for thinking of me. I'll check on the price of sending you a bag of Michigan home-grown MacIntosh! With the postage fees these days, it might end up to be 1/2 bag! :)Love, Pam


  3. Jen G
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 17:07:11

    I'm not Pam, but I read it anyway. Have been thinking of you this season as I take in all the color, remembering how difficult it can be to adjust to a new climate cycles. While Nashville had fall color, it did not have winter like anything a true Yankee is acquainted with. I do get sick of a Michigan winter after a month and barely survive til Spring four months after that, but Nashville's "winter" was worse. It was cold. It was brown. And gray. Bare trees, no green grass and significantly fewer evergreens. And it stayed brown and gray. For four months. I gained a new appreciation for snow during those years, that fresh, white coating that renewed everything and under certain conditions sparkled like whole fields of diamonds.I'll have to take some pictures to send or post for you. I can't remember a fall with so much red, coral and orange (my favorites) as this one. Seems the last several were dominated by yellow, which is pretty, but doesn't have the same fiery brilliance, you know? Against that particular blue you only see in October, it's gorgeous. Sorry you'll have to experience it vicariously through the rest of us, but you'll get payback when you are back in shirt sleeves in February and enjoying blooming things in early March. We might have fall color and decent apples, but nothing beats the South for redbuds, dogwood and massive, magnificent magnolias. Spring in the South is a wonder to behold. Then we'll live vicariously through you!


  4. Pam
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 17:34:11

    Oh, Jen is so right, you'll get us back in the Spring. When I visited Nashville four years ago at Spring Break, I could not believe the flowering trees, the flowers, the warmth! Their trees and flowers are in full bloom a whole full month before us. … BTW, I like the color in your trees; it will probably get redder soon.


  5. Chel
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 21:26:35

    Jen, I totally agree…I always say if it's going to be cold, it might as well be pretty! I definitely prefer the snow, even if I'm not a fan of shoveling, etc.Pam, that would be too kind!Alright, ladies, I'll be looking for some pics of the gorgeous trees! And you're all welcome to come visit in the spring! (or sooner!)


  6. Sue
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 06:24:35

    I miss Michigan falls too, but have been pleasantly surprised at the lovely colors here in Tennessee & North Carolina.But there's no Robinette's here! Can it really be fall without a trip to Robinette's for cider and a doughnut? 🙂


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