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Tis the Season

It’s cold in Bama today (32 degrees) but I have to say, I really miss the snow. I love the blanket of beauty it provides. And although shoveling it is not my favorite thing, there is an aspect of it I enjoy. There’s nothing quite like being out in the crisp beauty and quiet. (However, that is when there is 1-2 inches of snow. If there’s more than that, I prefer the quiet be shattered by a snow blower.) The beauty of snow right after a snowfall is incredible, when even the tiniest branches are layered in white and the drabness of winter suddenly becomes pristine and bright. It can make the drabbest and ugliest of places suddenly gorgeous.

We’re very much hoping for a white Christmas! In less than two weeks we’ll be ‘home’ for the holidays. All those Christmas songs have a new meaning for us this year. So much has happened in one year! Last year we were in our Grandville house, Matt had an entirely different job, we were a family of four, and I had just started the process of adopting S. Now, one year later we’ve gained a new location, a baby, and a completed adoption! I’m glad I didn’t know then what the summer would bring. Unemployment, saying goodbye to so many, experiencing NICU, and learning to adjust to a new environment are just some of the changes I’m glad I couldn’t foresee. On the other hand, we’ve moved to a beautiful part of the country. We have been gifted with an adorable baby and I’ve become the legal mom to three children. Matt has a job, which is always something to celebrate in this economy. We’re all relatively healthy. On top of that, we’ve got clean water, freedom, a nice apartment, clothes, plenty of food, and some toys (for the kids and the parents.) I’d say we’re incredibly blessed!

So for the Christmas season we took our kids to see Santa. I’m not sure why parents do this to their children. We make them wait in line, amidst the crowds, just for a picture with a guy in a red suit. It sounds like such fun in our heads. The kids should see Santa! Tell him what they want so they can experience disappointment at a young age when they don’t get it all. Take their picture with him so we can show off our cute children to the relatives. That is if the kids aren’t crying by the time they actually get to see Santa. We do all for a Christmas memory, preferably caught on film.

Down in Bama we learned a popular place to take kids to see Santa is Bass Pro Shops. So we went. I’m not sure what business a Yankee has taking their children to see Santa at Bass Pro shop, but there we were. I half expected Santa to be wearing camouflage. Apparently I’m not a mom to plan well for one of these visits. Many families were coordinated in red or other Christmas clothes. Apparently Bass Pro Shop is a great place to get your family picture. I didn’t get that memo. I’m sure lots of families sent out lovely Bass Christmas postcards from Dad, Mom, and kids. Not only were my children not coordinated with each other, they didn’t have Christmas colors on at all. Their hair wasn’t done and K has food on her face. However, J wasn’t covered in spit up or poop, so that’s something.

My little princess hopped on every four wheeler she could get to. (And there were many.) She liked the fishing boats too.
S joined her on this one.
If that wasn’t enough, they were shooting guns every chance they got. Yes, that is a pink gun K is holding. Heaven help us. We’ve got to get her out of Alabama. She’s acclimating a bit too quickly.
Momma and J were thrilled to wait in line for Santa.
Here it is. My adorable, unmatched, unpolished children. Please note none of them are screaming. That part is especially significant. Next year I’m putting a Santa hat on Matt and taking their picture on our couch.

Whether you’re bundled in the cold or enjoying the warm sunshine, whether you are surrounded by flowers or a blanket of snow, and whether you visit Santa at the mall or some other location (or not at all), may you see beauty this holiday season. And may we all remember how much we have for which to be grateful.

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