There’s a great website encouraging people to write. Ten minutes a day. That’s it. He gives you a prompt for the day and you write about it for ten minutes. When you’re done you can post it on the site. I think it is a phenomenal idea. The prompts vary from common words/phrases to a few I’ve had to look up their meaning. Some days I’m inspired to write but don’t have time, other days I’ve got nothing. Today the prompt is “fired.” I thought, this is one I can easily do…..

–She walked right in and fired. One shot straight to his chest. It was just like she had dreamed…except for the two guys with him. They saw her. They knew who she was. So she took off. She ran faster than she had known she could. She ran out of the building, the cool air smacking her face. She rolled under a fence, barely noticing the scraping on her legs. She jumped up and kept running, through the tall grass and behind some trees. She had to get away. She would get away.

The morning began with her husband gloating, again. She knew today would be different. She knew today she would wipe the smug grin right off of his face. She plotted and waited. She waited for just the right moment. Then she walked in with no hesitation and shot. She hadn’t realized the other two were there until it was too late. Her clean getaway ruined. But it was just an inconvenience, really. She’d get away. She was fast and she was small. She could hide easily. She’d keep hiding. She just needed to go a little longer. This time the paintball trophy would be hers.–

Check out the site. You’ll be glad you did!

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