They’re here somewhere

I’m sure of it. I distinctly remember having a counter and floor before everyone became ill. But after almost two weeks of taking turns with the flu, they are missing. Now I wouldn’t blame them at all for wanting to high tail it out of here. I haven’t been that sick in probably six years. And this place saw enough puke to…well, let’s just say we saw enough. Or more than enough would be more like it. So I don’t blame the counter and floors for wanting to leave for a while. However, it was darn rude for them to leave piles of papers, toys, and clothes in their place!

The last two weeks have been long. Filled with laundry, queasiness (to put it mildly), more laundry, more illness, and very little time out of our apartment. J started the process for us and the first day he had it was so miserable. The little guy couldn’t sleep unless Dad or I held him and didn’t move. After he had thrown up numerous times, to go along with his temp and lack of eating, I took him to the doc. One ear was infected, the other one working on it. Plus he had just popped his first tooth…woohoo! With a little side case of the flu. Poor guy! No wonder he was so miserable! When he started feeling better K tried the flu…it didn’t work for her either. So then Dad experimented with it. Still no fun. So I thought, maybe if I get a really bad case of it, where I can’t even stand or sit up…how would that work? Well, that’s pretty miserable too. Thankfully, S seems to be the one smart one in the family, and is learning from our mistakes. He’s been healthy so far. K did decide to follow up her case of the flu with a cold. Why try out only one illness when there are so many to choose from? I don’t know if our counters and floor will ever come back!

Saturday however, was pretty lovely. On Saturday we were in the eye of the storm. I thought the storm of sickness was over, but it was just the eye. Nevertheless, we took the kids to the Botanical Gardens. I love that place and I haven’t even seen it in full bloom yet!

He’s eating candy and looking at fish. Looking pretty cute while doing so.

We grow them cute, don’t we?!

Daddy and J

While we were at the gardens we even saw a couple got engaged. How fun is that!?

Overall, here are a few things I’ve learned in the past two weeks:
1. If a toddler tells you her tummy is cold…move quickly.
2. Going to the grocery store alone can almost feel like a trip to Hawaii after being cooped up with sick people for a week.
3. Illness puts a 46% inflation rate on laundry.
4. Predicting a “we’ll be better by ___” date increases the chance of more illness by that date by 87.99%.
5. Mothers are grossly underpaid.

Now there have been a couple new developments in the last two weeks. One I already mentioned…there are no more toothless grins around here. J finally popped his first tooth! Yay! And boo! Babyhood goes soooo fast!

The second is this:
This is K’s first drawing. Ever. Other than circles, lines, and scribbles….her first picture. and you saw it here, folks.

S was the first to discover the faces two days ago…we had no idea she had that ability! He commented, “Maybe she gets her drawing ability from me!” I wasn’t about to burst that with a genetics discussion.

If that wasn’t enough news (you think maybe it’s been too long since I blogged?) today I took J to the pediatric eye doctor. For those of you who don’t memorize all my blog posts (but really, who wouldn’t?), we were checking to find out what might cause his pupils to be different sizes. Thankfully J didn’t need to be able to identify all his letters…he’s not quite able to do that yet (but only 26 more to go). The doc did measure, look, dilate, measure and look some more at his eyes. And J, once again in his life, is okay. He has one pupil that is bigger than the other. Apparently this happens in about 20% of the time. Crazy, isn’t it?! Thankfully there is no indication of a more problematic diagnosis….yay!!! Although I was anticipating that, it still is a relief to hear. We did, however, find out J isn’t near or far sighted. Babies are generally far sighted at this age and move toward ‘normal’ as they get a little older. J is at ‘normal’ now, which means he’ll likely be near sighted in the future. He’ll need to have his sight evaluated when he’s three or four and likely need glasses when he gets older. Well, momma knows what that is like. If that’s the worst thing he has to face I won’t complain!!

Oh, yes, and there is one more thing that isn’t totally missing at our home yet, but is getting much smaller. No, this isn’t an appliance store. It’s our garage. There are five washers and dryers and one happy Matt. I’ll leave the explanation a mystery for now. I wouldn’t want the garage to hear and decide to take off with the counters and floors.

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my little photographer

Kianna is a ham. Or a cheese. She’s also a photographer. If you have a camera around at all she first wants you to “take a picture of me” (unless you really want a picture of her. Then she doesn’t want one. Gotta love toddlers.) Then as soon as you take a picture she wants a turn. She is very comfortable borrowing your camera. I sometimes let her borrow my phone to take pictures. A. It is easy for her to use. B. It has a nice sturdy case on on it in case it gets dropped.

Sometimes we play a really fun game. It’s called “guess what this picture is of.” Kianna takes the picture and we guess. She’s really good at it!

Can you guess? It’s one of Jace’s blankets.

Any ideas? This one took me a really long time to figure out. I’ll let you guess.

This one reminds me of a horror movie. What was the series about the evil doll?

Samuel’s basketball game. Can you see Samuel? Me neither, but he’s in the blur on the right somewhere! (In Kianna’s defense, I’m not sure anyone could get a clear pic of indoor action with my phone!)

A laundry basket. I really like this one. Laundry from a toddler’s perspective.

She even got my head in the picture!

This is one of her favorite toys. She even takes it to bed with her.

So if you need a photographer, you know who to call! In addition to her collection of still life, sports, and portraits, she does weddings, and bar mitvahs.

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