Recently we’ve had house guests.  So many I’m losing count.  We even had a family of six staying with us. Technically, it was just a family of two when they moved in but then they had quadruplets.  

I’m not sure what our lease says about the maximum number of occupants, but I’m guessing our family of five plus a family of six is too many. However, technically this family lived on the porch, so maybe we’re in the clear.

Daddy feeding his kids.
Practicing their GQ pose.

They have all moved out now, but they do come back to visit…and eat our birdseed.  Someone has added to the nest since the kids left.  We’re hopeful someone else may try it out.

K always asks about the birds on our feeder, “Is that the momma bird or the daddy bird?” or “Is that the K bird?”  For those of you not up on your bird terminology, a K bird is a juvenile.  Check your Audubon guide.  I’m sure it’s listed in there.

Today we had another family stop by.  S and K were excited about this group too!

There are fifteen babies total, but some were still trickling in at this point. 
Momma kept a watchful eye the entire time.  I took all the pictures through the window; I figured either they’d take off or momma would have some ‘words’ with me if I opened the door!

We don’t have a yard, which we really miss.  But between the birds on the porch and the tadpole in our dining room, we’re still able to experience some nature.  I really enjoy nature when it doesn’t involve bugs the size of a small dog!


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