Some things are worse than Poop

It’s true.  This morning I was reminded of perspective.  We have two cats.  Lovely creatures.  Cute, fuzzy, fun for the kids to torture, etc.  However, occasionally they don’t get all the poop in the litter box.  I tell them to use toilet paper and wipe their butts, but they don’t listen.  So occasionally a bit of poop sticks to their butt and falls off somewhere else.  Definitely not one of the perks of pet ownership.  However, pets are a like children in that they’re messy but cute, cuddly, and darn amusing.  So they’re worth the mess most days.

Anyways, this morning I got out of bed and noticed a chunk of poop on the floor.  Not exactly how I want to start the day.  But alas, I got get a piece of toilet paper and reach to pick it up and it moves.  I am not a poop expert, but I’m pretty darn sure poop is not supposed to move by itself.  It turns out it’s not poop, it’s one of those gigantic wood roaches.  Ewwwwwwwwww.  I respond like any brave woman…I shriek and call for my hubby. 

Next time I see a little piece of poop on the floor, I guess I’ll be thankful it’s just poop!


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