It has officially been summer here for three weeks and so far we have survived.  One child would probably say he’s been tortured with chores, but overall the summer is going well.  A few days ago S earned the privilege of doing the dishes in the morning.  When he won that ‘prize’ there were approximately 8 items in the sink.  He waited to do them.  And waited.  Soon there were many more than 8 items in the sink.  At lunch time I explained chores often get harder the longer we wait.  I’m sure my speech was extremely effective.  S kept waiting to do the dishes.  (He was probably taking time to contemplate my words.)  The pile of dishes grew. And grew.  At dinner time I explained to him he would be doing the dishes before bed because the time of waiting ends when the counters disappear.  So he did the dishes.  It took him a while, however, he got it done.  Yesterday he again won the privilege of doing the dishes.  Again, there were not many in the sink. I chuckled inwardly when he said, “I’m doing them right now!” and set off to the kitchen.  I think it was the eloquence of my speech the other day, don’t you?


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