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Two months

My house is currently quiet.  You read correctly.  Quiet.  As in no loud children (yes, I know, that’s redundant).  No one saying, “Mom, watch this!”  or “But I can’t want to do that!!”  or “Can I?” or “Can we?” or “Can I?”  There is no screaming.  No crying.  No fighting.  No banging. No thuds.  Just quiet.  Ahhh.

And how do I spend the time?  Blogging.  sigh.  Actually, it’s kind of nice to write without being interrupted every three key strokes.

I suppose if this quiet lasted too long I would hate it.  But since it’s only for a short precious time, I’m savoring it.  Like a glass of fine wine.  Or a dark chocolate truffle.  Or a glass of fine with with a dark chocolate truffle.

Just last night I was on the verge of a meltdown because I hadn’t had any ‘space’ in what felt like forever.  And here I am just a few hours later.  In space.  Quiet space.

How, do you ask, is this bit of heaven possible?  Well, let me tell you: friends.  I have friends.  Now, you might argue I’ve had friends.  And you would be correct!  I have fabulous friends!  But they have one terrible flaw: they stubbornly refused to move to Alabama with me.  But now, now I have friends in Alabama.

Almost exactly two months ago I cried myself to sleep.  Bawling, discouraged, and frustrated.  I had arranged for a sitter six weeks prior for our anniversary and she canceled.  I didn’t have any other options.  All I wanted to do was go out for a few hours with my husband and I couldn’t.  So in classic melancholy fashion I started focusing on everything that was sad and depressing.  You might know the drill, “I’m alone, I have no friends, nothing works out, all I want is X, it feels hopeless, etc. etc.”  It was quite the pity party.  And probably needed, to be honest.  We’ve had a lot of changes in the last year and part of the process of working through big changes is tears.  I had that piece covered that night!

Before you feel too bad for me, a wonderful lady from church offered to watch our three kids along with her three kids (almost the exact same ages as ours.  So she had two babies, two preschoolers, and two fourth graders all at once.  Gutsy woman!) so I could go on a date with Matt for our anniversary.  It was the best gift!

Fast forward two months.  Last night the kids were at Vacation Bible School.  Matt was on his way to pick them up and ran out of gas.  (He’s brilliant, but we all have off days. This was his.)  I was at home with J, who is sick and finally had just gotten to sleep.  Remember when I had car trouble a few months ago?  You can read about it here; it was before we had people in Bama.  God worked it out beautifully, but it’s rough when you have no people nearby to call for help.  However, last night when Matt had car trouble I had two friends I could call within seconds to make sure my kids weren’t stranded.  Miss Charity (technically Mrs., but that’s an extra syllable and more thinking, so all women are Miss for us) not only took my kids with hers, but spoiled them with ice cream from McDonald’s and connected with Matt on his adventure.

Friends rock.

And if that wasn’t enough I’m currently sitting in quiet.  As in quiet.  Miss Charity (have you figured out she’s fabulous?) took my kids with hers (again) to playgroup so poor sick J could sleep.  The beautiful side affect is Momma Chel gets a little bit of sanity.

A lot can happen in just two months!  And we are very grateful!

ooh!  I hear a baby…Momma is back on duty!

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