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Bananas and Repairmen

I made it to the store today.  I feel like I accomplished a marathon!  Sometimes the simplest of things elude us.  My goal for the past few days has been to get milk and bananas. (Of course as the days pass a few other things start getting added to the list.)  A quick trip to the store.  Simple, right? Sometimes, yes.  And sometimes…not so much.  Yesterday I wanted to make the five minute drive to to the store to get these items.  It’s five minutes away.  Or maybe 400 miles…if felt about the same distance.

Our rental agency told me a repair guy was coming, “first thing” in the morning.  As it turns out, his definition of “first thing” and my definition are different.  And my morning was delayed.  Then the electrician came.  I’ve been waiting for an electrician for two months, so I was very happy to have him come!  However, that took a while and by the time he left the little people here wanted to eat.  So we did lunch.  Then nap time.  Or lack thereof if you’re J.  I tried my best to get him to sleep, I really did.  J said, “No thank you,” over and over and over again. (Technically, the words ‘no thank you’ never came out of his mouth, but the sentiment was clearly conveyed.) Then S got home from school.  Then the little people wanted to eat again. Then we did our evening routine of winding up, winding down, cleaning up, bedtimes etc.  And finally all the children were in bed.  And by then I was too tired to go to the store.  We’ve got crackers and peanut butter.  That should last us a while.  It’s more than many in the world are eating today.  Bananas are overrated.

However, I was reminded of several important things yesterday:
1. Repairmen are messy.
2. So are children.
3. Children are cuter than repairmen.
4. If you have a small child, never ever ever wear pants with a loose waist band when a repairman is coming. Ever.  A belt and suspenders would probably work.  Overalls would be an even better option.
5. If you have a small child wanting your attention while the repairman or electrician is talking with you, pick him up, give him a toy, ice cream, or a new puppy.  Do not let the child pull on your pants.  I repeat, do not let him tug on your clothes.
6. There is no way to gracefully recover if your small child pulls down your pants while you’re talking with the electrician.

Things I’m grateful for:
1. Adorable children.
2. A repairman who found screens to our windows!  (This was very exciting for me. The owners apparently forgot the screens existed, and I’ve been sad there were almost no screens in the house.)
3. Sunshine.
4. Enough food in the house to last many days, even if we have to mix and match meals.  Which is good, because I may not often go out in public again.  I wonder if I can grow a banana tree in the yard?
5. The likelihood of seeing the electrician again is very very small.  I’m sure of it.  Alabama is a big state, right?

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