Photo Challenge: Something Old

I missed a couple days of the photo challenge due to a sick child, but here is today’s photo challenge, something old.  I was almost ridiculously happy my son didn’t suggest I be the subject for today’s photo challenge.  He did say if we were in Michigan he could take a picture of a certain person, however, their identity is not being revealed in order to protect the innocent.  (And apparently the ‘old!’)

Here is my son’s picture for the day, he didn’t seem to mind if it was blurry.

My ‘ancient’ crock pot, which I still use on a regular basis.

It was pretty interesting to hear him try to find something ‘old,’ which is such an ambiguous term.  A few of the things I would have thought were obviously old didn’t occur to him.  Other items I think of as very not old seemed old to him.  It’s all a matter of perspective!


This picture is of one my most treasured possessions:

This picture would have been made in the 1940’s, which seems old to me.  But more importantly, it’s a picture of my dad and my uncle.  My aunt had it made and she gave it to me before she died.  The story goes she had the pictures of my dad and uncle merged into one.  It was a coveted item in the family and I am so honored she made a point of giving it to me.  I love it.  My dad is the sailor.


Favorite color

Photo challenge, day 8: favorite color.  By the way, I can tell you my least favorite color; that would be the various shades of J’s puke I cleaned up today.  I’ll spare you the details (since you’re already shouting TMI! TMI!)  However, we did get out for a short walk and the sun was even kind enough to make an appearance during that time. So here is my pic for the day:

I just love orange.  I wish I’d had more opportunity today to find other orange things for the picture, but I was glad to see some beautiful orange leaves today.


My son reports his favorite colors right now are red and white.  In Alabama.  During football season.  I don’t think this is a coincidence.  (For our out of state friends, those are the colors of the University of Alabama.)


On our walk today my daughter took a couple pictures as well, however, they were not of her favorite color (which is pink.  and more pink.  and a bit of purple.  topped with pink.)  However, I’m pretty impressed with her picture, so I’m posting it anyhow:


Something funny

Day 7 photo challenge: something funny.

My son is reading “Origami Yoda,” which he finds hysterical.  He chose a page from the book for his picture:

(I'm guessing we might need to read the book to fully appreciate the humor of this pic)

My daughter helped out when she came in quite proud of her mustache:

It's from a Potato Head. I'm amazed it doesn't hurt her nose!

Day 6 photo challenge: books

For my picture, I grabbed some of my favorite books*:



My son has gotten hooked on my old Calvin and Hobbes books:



* for those mildly curious, the books I included are: Everything Belongs, Birds of North America, Bloom County-Happy Trails, But not the Hippopotamus, A Wrinkle in Time, and Waking the Dead.

Morning Sky

is the theme of the photo challenge today.   I didn’t look to see what the theme was till morning was almost over…oops! Here are my son’s and my pictures for today’s challenge:

S's pic: I think it turned out cooler than mine.


However, mine shows a tiny bit more sky, so that counts for something, right? : )


Photo challenge catch up

We’re on day 4 of the photo challenge already!  I think I’m caught up now:

Day 2: smile



Day 3: Happiness

She had a blast on this slide. A kid's bliss.








Day 4: Leaves








I have been so happy to see colors on the leaves here!  This pic doesn’t do them justice, but they have been lovely.  Not as good as home, but still so very enjoyable!  Fall has always been my favorite season and this year has been fabulous.  I’m so grateful!

Photo Challenge!

Another photo challenge has started!  I’m already working to catch up, but I’m excited about the theme:  Gratitude.  Perfect for the month of November.

Day one is favorite food.  Although I love many many foods, chocolate is the first one that came to mind:

The more I learn about modern day slavery, the more mindful I try to be of things I buy and consume.  We are working to be slave free with chocolate in our home. This picture has three yummy things currently in the house that are all fair trade. And anytime you mix fair trade with dark chocolate…yummmmmm!

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