Favorite color

Photo challenge, day 8: favorite color.  By the way, I can tell you my least favorite color; that would be the various shades of J’s puke I cleaned up today.  I’ll spare you the details (since you’re already shouting TMI! TMI!)  However, we did get out for a short walk and the sun was even kind enough to make an appearance during that time. So here is my pic for the day:

I just love orange.  I wish I’d had more opportunity today to find other orange things for the picture, but I was glad to see some beautiful orange leaves today.


My son reports his favorite colors right now are red and white.  In Alabama.  During football season.  I don’t think this is a coincidence.  (For our out of state friends, those are the colors of the University of Alabama.)


On our walk today my daughter took a couple pictures as well, however, they were not of her favorite color (which is pink.  and more pink.  and a bit of purple.  topped with pink.)  However, I’m pretty impressed with her picture, so I’m posting it anyhow:



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