Photo Challenge: Something Old

I missed a couple days of the photo challenge due to a sick child, but here is today’s photo challenge, something old.  I was almost ridiculously happy my son didn’t suggest I be the subject for today’s photo challenge.  He did say if we were in Michigan he could take a picture of a certain person, however, their identity is not being revealed in order to protect the innocent.  (And apparently the ‘old!’)

Here is my son’s picture for the day, he didn’t seem to mind if it was blurry.

My ‘ancient’ crock pot, which I still use on a regular basis.

It was pretty interesting to hear him try to find something ‘old,’ which is such an ambiguous term.  A few of the things I would have thought were obviously old didn’t occur to him.  Other items I think of as very not old seemed old to him.  It’s all a matter of perspective!


This picture is of one my most treasured possessions:

This picture would have been made in the 1940’s, which seems old to me.  But more importantly, it’s a picture of my dad and my uncle.  My aunt had it made and she gave it to me before she died.  The story goes she had the pictures of my dad and uncle merged into one.  It was a coveted item in the family and I am so honored she made a point of giving it to me.  I love it.  My dad is the sailor.



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