Love or strangling? Both.

Matt:  “I didn’t yell at her, aren’t you proud of me?”  Chel: “Yes!  I didn’t kill her, aren’t you proud of me?”

My pride and joy.  One of the greatest loves of my heart.  I’d do anything for her.  And today I wanted to strangle her.  No, there’s no need to call the authorities.  I wouldn’t actually do that.  I just said I wanted to.  Wanted to very badly.  I love her so much, but I think I understand why some species eat their young.

It’s partly my fault.  The little ones were playing so well together today.  Every time I checked on them they were doing great.  So at one point I was reading a book (my kindle might be the death of me yet) and apparently I waited too long to check on them.

Did you know clumping cat litter sticks to a toddler’s scalp like glue?

Did you know vacuums make really funky sounds when you use them to suck up a lot of litter?

Have you noticed how similar litter boxes are to sand boxes?  Except for two very important differences:  sand boxes are outdoors and litter boxes are toilets.

The positives:  My laundry room, bathroom, and hallway are much cleaner than they were this morning.  So are the children.

The negatives: Cat litter tracks all over the upstairs of the house. Especially with the assistance of toy dishes and brooms and a dustpan.  It can make a big pile in the laundry basket (which was thankfully otherwise empty!)  A lot of litter can fit in the toddler’s hair. And his clothes.  And the diaper pail.  The cloth diaper pail.  Did I mention it’s clumping cat litter?  When it gets wet it clumps up really nicely so it’s easy to clean out the litter box.  Unfortunately, it is not designed for hair or clothes or diapers.  Go figure.

Day three of stuck-at-home-because-of-current-or-pending-illness, and K and J decide it’d be fun to play in the litter boxes.  And haul litter throughout the upstairs.  On a positive note, there was very little poo in the litter box at the time of it’s…excavation.

Since we’re in the middle of a stretch of two viruses plaguing our family, I believe I need a really good plan for day four of stuck-at-home, don’t you?  However, I think I’ll play it safe and avoid markers. And paints.  And glue.  Most definitely avoid glue.  Maybe we’ll just go for a long bath.

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