K loves to match.  She looks for matches and she finds them…everywhere.  She likes to match J at bedtime…if J wears ‘feet pajamas’ she wants to wear feet pajamas.  If someone wears tennis shoes then she wants to wear tennis shoes, etc.  When we’re in the van she’ll often find cars that match.  And she very frequently finds people who match.

Often it’s a game for me…how do these people/cars/toys/etc. match?  It’s not necessarily obvious.  Sometimes it’s the color, like the color of a car or the color of a shirt.  Sometimes it might be the number of doors on a car or the way two people wear their hair.  It could be one adult with dark skin and a child with light skin…but they match because they have on the same type of shoes.

How awesome would it be if we all viewed life this way?  Often we just notice differences.  What if we started focusing on what we have in common with others?  When we see a person of another culture, lifestyle, religion, or upbringing we looked hard to find how we ‘matched?’  Maybe we would work harder to communicate with them.  Maybe we would find it easier to understand them.  Maybe we would find reasons to like them.  Just maybe our corner of the world would be a better place.

Do these items have anything in common?

Me again

I think I’ve said it before, but I really plan to update this blog more often.  Really.  Then months pass and I realize I haven’t posted anything.  I’ve written stuff in my head, but I suppose that doesn’t help much.  Part of the issue is I’m trying to figure out the ‘flavor’ I want this blog to have.  So if you have (helpful) suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

By way of an update, here’s what we’ve been up to since my last post:

Mom playing the part of activity director and referee during the summer.

Mom playing the part of tour driver and director from Alabama to Michigan and back.

The children alternating from playing great together to fighting to playing great to arguing to playing great….

Swimming in creeks, pools, Lake Michigan, and at least one other lake.

The kids trying to catch lizards and bugs.  And succeeding.  And being forced to return the creatures to the wilds of suburbia.

Seeing the weinermobile.  Being more excited about it than my children.

J learning to string several words together and expanding his vocabulary exponentially.

K falling in love with jokes.  Especially knock knock jokes.  More on that later.

S complaining about having to read to his sister every day but getting really good at reading out loud by the end of summer.

Potty training J.  Slowly.  Practicing my sprinting throughout the process.

Remembering how fortunate we are to be healthy most of the time.

Summer ending.  Such a bummer.

S starting 6th grade.  Yes, 6th grade.  It just isn’t quite right.

The children all growing too ridiculously fast.

Here’s a couple random pictures.  Because you like random pictures, right?

Me in Lake Michigan. Ahh…a taste of home.

My kids at the Georgia Aquarium.  Can you see all three?  Plus a fish or two?

Another one from the aquarium. Just because I like it.

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