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I’m finally making it a regular habit to get to the library, which I haven’t done since moving to Bama.  I was ridiculously spoiled with the KDL system at home and didn’t know it!  Don’t get me wrong, the library system here is pretty good, but since moving I’ve learned that I grew up with the cream of the crop library system and my standards are pretty darn high!  Anyways, there is a story time at a nearby library that is fabulous and I’m finally taking the younger two just about every week.  A side benefit of going to the story time is once again we’ve got a fresh crop of books going through our house on a regular basis.  K and J have a simple method for choosing books to take home.  Go to the shelf and grab one.  Don’t bother with any searching, just grab.  If it is on the top of a shelf or basket, it is clearly the best one.  We’ve come home with some good books, some pretty odd ones, and we’ve even had some intense negotiations to leave a few at the library.

Recently K stumbled upon an awesome find and I thought it might be a good idea to occasionally write about a book we’re reading.


Have you read it?  I hadn’t even heard of it till a few weeks ago but it is a new favorite of mine.  (Hint: Christmas present.)

Extra Yarn is about a girl who finds a box of colorful yarn during the gray days of winter.  She uses the yarn to knit a sweater for herself and her dog.  Then for a friend.  She still has yarn left so she knits sweaters for classmates and other people in the town.  And the yarn still doesn’t run out.  So she starts knitting sweaters for things that “don’t normally wear sweaters.”  Through her generosity and this amazing box of yarn she transforms a dreary town into a beautiful, colorful place.  Someone comes to buy the box from her, but she refuses to sell it, even when he offers her a huge amount of money. Since she won’t sell, the man steals the box.  Just when the outlook for the girl and the town look the bleakest the book resolves with a happy, beautiful, and simple ending.

K and I both love this book.  K loves the pictures and the magical quality of the story.  I love the generosity of the girl, the beauty she creates for those around her, and the failure of evil to triumph.

If you get a chance, visit your local library and check out this book.  Or you could visit Amazon and purchase a copy of Extra Yarn for yourself and me a friend.  (It’s worth a shot, right? 🙂 )

Caption this?

This past summer we took a fishing trip to a nearby park.  The fishing didn’t go very well, but we finished the trip with swimming at a beach, so it still turned out to be fun.  I took this picture early in the adventure while my oldest was fishing and Dad was trying to set up fishing poles for these two.

I love this photo and my sister-in-law had the great of day of having people come up with a caption for it.

What do you think would make a great caption?


My plans for Saturday were quickly thwarted when J came into my room.  Although I normally love to see him this time I was not thrilled. I had just put him down for a nap.  In his bed.  Where he was supposed to stay.  Apparently the little bugger cherub figured out how to get out of his crib.  I knew this day was coming, but I was thinking more along the lines of junior high and apparently he thought he’d better hurry before September was over.  I quickly readjusted my agenda to include changing beds around.  K would get the crib (transformed to a toddler bed and soon to be a twin bed) and J would get K’s toddler bed.  K’s bed had been put together incorrectly (which wasn’t a big deal at the time because she no longer needed the side rails), so I had to take both it and the crib apart and put them back together.  Then switch then rooms.  It was right around this time when I learned the crib (ie transformed toddler bed) does not fit through the doorway.  So I took it apart, again, this time with S’s help, and then moved and reassembled it. Oops.

The process was stressful thanks to the assembly/reassembly process and J’s (victorious) nap boycott.  However it was also successful!  Until poor K became really sad because she didn’t want her ‘new bed’ after all.  (Oh, how I wished I had the twin mattresses to make her bed a big one!)  Thankfully I found a solution to help her.  What does a girl need to feel better?  A little bling!



(It’s not the most exciting bling, but it was late in the day and we needed a quick solution.  The important thing is K liked it!!)

Finally the new beds were set up and J’s was ready for bedtime.  Now it was time for Mom to be a little emotional.  I kept thinking back to his very first bed. How far he has come!!



He is loving his big boy bed!  Now if only he’d STAY in it at bedtime!

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