Melting heart

There are a few things that pretty consistently make a woman go ‘awww’ and melt on the inside.  Babies of some sort: they might be human, canine, feline, or even reptilian, depending on the woman.  Beautiful love stories (though not necessarily the Hollywood version).  And men being awesome with kids.  If a man is being awesome with a kid that happens to be hers, you have a guaranteed increase in both melting and respect.  Guar-an-teed.

Tomorrow Matt and I celebrate our anniversary.  It has been quite a ride for us. Someday I’ll write about it.  Lots of bad, lots of good, lots of tears, lots of laughing, and lots of growing.  Last night we celebrated in style by going to dinner and then grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping without children, which in itself is cause for celebration.  And if that wasn’t great enough, I had a chocolate martini…yummm.

Anyways, today he had yet another moment where I felt all gooey inside, and he reminded me again of one of the reasons I love him.  I was even able document it:




My sweet little boy has been glued to Daddy’s side today.  I don’t know how much progress is happening on the car, but J is having a blast.


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