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So we’re still stuck at home due to vehicle issues.  I’ve lost track of how many days we’ve been here, but it’s requiring some creativity to keep us from going crazy!  Here’s a few things we’ve tried to stay busy with in the last week:

1. Sensory activity:  “Clean mud” is how it is listed on the blog where I found the idea.  Really not so much.  However, if I have to choose between baking soda or dirt on the carpet, table, and furniture, it’s a very easy choice!  The kids had fun playing in it too.  Add the ease of making it and it was definitely a good activity!


2. Another activity:  Destruction.


This used to be a grill.  I wanted it out.  I had two boys here with an innate hankering for destruction.  Voila!  New activity!

3. Medium:  Colored Rice.


Easy to make.  Cheap.  Many ways to use it.

IMG_4828bSensory play.


Eye spy jar!

4.  Today’s activity!  Chalk Ice Paint


The ice is currently freezing, but hopefully I’ll be able to post more pictures of this later!  The kids had a ton of fun just making the chalk paint, so I’m hoping the actual ‘activity’ will be just as fun!

5.  The next activity?????


What suggestions do you have for me?  It cannot require any purchases because I can’t get to a store right now.  So it must be done at home with whatever items most people have in the house.  I’ve seen tons of good ideas on Pinterest, but many require items I don’t have.  What ideas can you come up with using common household items?

(Please comment on here rather than FB so it’s easier to find in the future.  Thank you!)


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