This week marks three years since we moved to Alabama!  Three years!!  It seems like forever ago…or not long ago at all.  It’s been quite a ride!

Things that have not changed for us since we moved here:

1.  To the confusion of many Alabamians we still could care less about college football.

2.  We are part of an awesome church (technically the actual church is different, but us being part of one we love is the same.)

3.  We’re not fans of BBQ.

4.  I still say ‘you guys.’

5.  I have not yet found the perfect corn bread recipe.

Things that have changed for us since we moved:

1. Language:  no, we don’t have a Southern accent.  (Although with K starting school in a few weeks that may change.)  We do occasionally say things like “fixin” and “y’all.”  And I’ve come very close to saying “might could.”  Heaven help us in another three years.

2.  Family: we came as a family of 4 1/2 and became a family of 5.  (Also, my adoption of S was finalized, so I legally became the mom of two sons.)

3.  The children are significantly bigger than they were three years ago.  Significantly bigger.

4.  Bugs:  I now hate them with a new level of passion.  They are BIG here.  (Really the word ‘big’ is an understatement.)

5.  Critter type things such as scorpions, poisonous snakes, and poisonous spiders have significantly dampened my love of the outdoors.

6.  We all like sweet tea.  (Though K will only drink the neighbor’s rather than mine.  What’s that about?)

7.  40 degrees in winter feels very cold.  90 degrees in summer is a warm day.

8.  I’ve tried Okra.  I don’t hate it.

Our time in Alabama has been a bit of a desert experience with many heartaches, crises, and challenges.  However, there have also been incredibly good things and I am expecting even more good things in the next few years!!


Three years ago.  (Well, almost.  Technically it’s 2 years and 11 months ago, but you get the general idea.)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gwen lasher
    Jul 28, 2013 @ 18:37:24

    Yes, thing certainly have changed. The kids are growing up way too far away from me but I love when they come to Michigan, mess up my house, drive me crazy sometimes but I would not change that for anything. I love every bit of it
    God has blessed you in many ways and I pray for you constantly and that you are where God wants you to be I love you all Mom


  2. Melody
    Jul 28, 2013 @ 20:15:46

    I don’t like college football either! And there is most likely a BBQ somewhere here that you would like! You just have to find it, like a smoked chicken with white sauce ! There are so many types and sauces! Give it more time! 🙂 glad you guys are here though! – I still say you guys and I moved here at 6 months old!


    • wordsfromchel
      Jul 28, 2013 @ 21:15:56

      I love it! Hopefully my kids will retain some ‘quality’ midwestern language.
      I’m not too optimistic on the BBQ, but you’re right, there are a ton of options, so maybe we’ll find one!! I just learned about Bham’s special white sauce a few weeks ago.


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