Two days worth of pics from my deck

Here are three pictures from my deck.  Two are from yesterday and one was taken this morning.




My son wearing my shoes.
When he saw this picture he commented, “I can’t see my head.”




I haven’t had much ‘bounty’ from my little potted garden this year, but it’s been fun to watch the plants grow.



I love this project.  If I’m not intentional about looking for beauty I frequently miss it.  This is forcing me to search.  And when I diligently search for it I’m able to find some.  I need to make that a habit!




Generally I don’t think of spiders as beautiful.  While  I appreciate they eat bugs and can make pretty webs, they usually fall into the ‘eww…get it get it!!’  category.  On occasion I will see a really interesting one and think it is cool…from a distance of course.

Today was one of those rare occasions where I saw it as a source of beauty on my deck.


From the green hue of the body to the pattern on her back, or the ‘hairs’ on her legs, this little spider oozes some amazing details.

I also don’t usually see a mess as beautiful.   Instead I ‘see’ the effort required to fix it.  Whether it indicates happy play for my kids, or a learning opportunity for the one who spilled, there is beauty there that I miss.  Far too often.

Yesterday my son was playing with flour on the deck and this is where it spilled.  This morning my daughter drew in the spilled flour.  I love the contrasting patterns of the finger stripes in the flour and the wood of the deck.


I think I need to view much of life with new lenses.  Instead of seeing something as unpleasant, I need to look harder for the beauty.  It’s there. Somewhere.

Finding beauty

This summer for us was about being home.  A lot.  Which had plenty of challenges but in some ways was pretty cool.  It forced us to be together (a lottttt) and be creative.  It also allowed us to relax, without the pressures of fitting things in a schedule.

However, seeing vacation pictures from others stirs up feelings of jealousy in me!  So I’ve decided to do a mini project of finding beauty each day from my deck.  When one first glances at my deck they don’t necessarily think ‘postcard panoramic view,’ but that doesn’t mean beauty isn’t there.  I firmly believe beauty can be found anywhere…although sometimes it takes a bit of searching.

IMG_5217 (800x450)

The setting.


I’m almost notoriously bad at not finishing photo challenges, so I’m setting the bar low.  My goal is to do this for a couple of weeks, at least three times per week.  I’d prefer every day, but I’m not going to promise that!


Here are days one and two (actually one and three, I didn’t like any of the pics from day two.)

Day 1:




Day 2:







Search for beauty today!  Please let me know when you find it in an unexpected place!



(But would you please leave the stories on here instead of FB?  Thank you!)


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