A little excitement for me

I’ve been a bird watcher for about ten years.  When I started paying attention to them I was working in an inner city a lot.  It was awesome to see little reminders of God’s creation in concrete settings!

Ten years later I still love to watch them.  I’ve been hauling my bird feeders with every move and happily sharing birdseed every place we’ve lived.  Yesterday and today I was trying to get a nice picture of some of the visitors to our deck.   However, between our schedule and my kids not appreciating the time I wanted to spend sitting quietly, it was a challenge.

Here was an attempt today:


can you see the bit of blurry tail on the far left side? I was a bit too slow.


ooh, a brown bird eating.


okay, not the most thrilling for a blog post, but at least it’s a decent view of the finch.

Before I knew what was going on there was another bird in my camera’s viewfinder and for once I snapped a picture fast!  This is the first time I’ve seen a red-bellied woodpecker in this yard.  He’s almost too big to get birdseed out of our feeder, but he managed!


They’re not a rare bird, but it’s rare for one to visit my feeder.

Sometimes (or often!) when we’re looking for one thing God shows us something even cooler.  I love that.

Keep searching for beauty, friends!

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