black cats and truths

The other day we were heading to a Halloween party and on the way a black cat crossed in front of us.  My oldest son was spooked for a minute, thinking it’d bring back luck.  And I wanted to laugh.  A lot.  Because at our house we have:


My son has lived with this black cat for well over seven years.  He knows very well there isn’t bad luck because a black cat walks in front of us.  However, it’s late October and as Halloween approaches people start decorating and talking about the perils of a black cats and such.

As I was thinking about it I realized I do this kind of thing all. the. time.   For example, I know I am loved by God and accepted the way I am.  However, it takes about a minute of me listening to outside influences for me to start thinking I’m not good enough.   Which is silly, because I know the truth.  Or at least, I should!  Just like my son should know the truth about a black cat.  I need frequent reminders of truths I already know.

So Happy Halloween!  May you remember the truth, regardless of what you hear.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jen
    Nov 04, 2013 @ 19:29:31

    You preach it, Chel…good reminder for us to be mindful of who we listening to!


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