It’s another gray, wet, and dreary day and my three-year-old and I are staying home, so I again went to Pinterest to look for fun ideas.  Today I found one quickly: Mad Science, a perfect activity for J.  What child doesn’t love the chance to mix, create, and see what happens?   Usually we’re cooking together where  there isn’t much room for creativity.  Today J kept asking, “Can I do/mix/try this?”  Yes!  Mix anything you want!

This activity is super easy to prepare.  Grab jars, bowls, measuring spoons, stirrers, droppers, etc.  Then add goop to mix: colored water, vinegar, baking soda, shampoo, etc.  I also used salt and yeast.  Next time I think I’ll include lemon juice; there will be a next time.  Maybe we’ll do this over spring break…I think all three would all enjoy it, even my twelve-year-old.  I’m sure he will come up with the most creative concoctions!



Mixing in yeast.


Then as a bonus, J did most of the clean-up: water play!



Bubbles are awesome.


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