My son and I collaborated on some artwork a few days ago.  Technically I was the assistant.  In our hometown a truly fabulous art event is going on right now and since we can’t be there we’re creating some of our own art.  My Dear Son had the vision for this piece and he told me which parts to draw.  We both drew a tree.  After the trees were completed my DS said, ‘Yours is good.  Mine is better.”

2014-09-26 15.13.42b

He then added, “Mine looks like a real tree” and showed me a large tree in our yard.  I guess I need some more practice.

2014-09-26 15.13.42c

In the middle of the picture is a vacuum.  It’s an outdoor vacuum that can ‘vacuum up poison ivy.’  I sure wish it was real.

2014-09-26 15.13.42d

Later the vacuum morphed into a house with a giant roof.  Watching kids design and dream is absolutely fantastic!

Averting Craziness (or at least trying to)

Our van is in the shop. It let us know it needed some affection only a mechanic could give it, so my little guy and I have been home.  A lot.  Last year we went through some significant vehicle issues, so I’m no stranger to living with limited transportation.  Unsurprisingly, it is not my favorite way to live.  I’m very grateful for a good house to live in, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind seeing a little less of it!  We have 2-3 more weeks to go and I’m already starting to go a bit stir crazy, so my son and I headed out with for a walk.  He brought snacks and I brought my camera.  When approaching craziness or discouragement (or a host of other things) it’s good to search for beauty!  It’s a balm for the soul.

Here are a few pictures from our walk:


This guy was tolerating me in hope of getting some food. Sadly, it was a total letdown for him.


Ahh…Fall…and the migration of egrets.


We walked onto the bridge and there was a little doe standing there. He moved fast, but man, was he cute! It was a great surprise for us.


In a sea of brown there was one blue flower. Way to defy your environment, little flower!


As we were walking home we noticed these two leaves which had landed in this position on the sidewalk. It looked like a flower or miniature tree or something. At any rate, I thought it was cool.


And one more picture. Cause it’s pretty.

I can’t say the craziness has been completely averted, but it’s at least been reduced a little bit!

Little conversations

I love talking with my kids, which I described in the last post.  They challenge me and make me laugh all the time.  Here are are few tidbits with my four year old from this past week.

My Dear Son: I’m petting the kitty.
Me: Does he like it?
DS: Yes. I knew he was very shy because he was running away from me.
*I’m sure that’s it.*


On another occasion I moved some chairs to the other room while I was cleaning, which always inspires the kids to build some kind of fort or structure. We’ve had houses, cars, roller coasters, etc.  This time my little guy was building by himself while his siblings were at school:

2014-09-19 14.31.05

DS: I’m trying to make this a rocket ship.
Me: Sweet.
DS: I can’t find a place to lay down.
Me: Bummer. I don’t know what to tell you.
DS: You could tell me something I could do to lay down.
Me: Well, yes, that would be helpful. What I meant is I don’t have any ideas at the moment.
DS: Oh.

(It’s such a bummer when parents don’t have the answer…of course, chances are pretty high if I had given an answer, he wouldn’t have liked it, but that’s a different story.)


This morning I was drawing on some cloth napkins with a fabric marker and this conversation ensued:

DS: Why are you doing that?
Me: Because the writing is faded.
DS: What does that mean?
Me: The writing has gotten lighter than is used to be.
DS: Why didn’t you just say that?

I comforted myself by believing I helped him learn the word.  Unfortunately, I asked him this afternoon was “faded” meant.  He had no idea.  Parenting and *sighing* go hand in hand….

Conversations with kids

Kids are interesting.  Always.  Sometimes interestingly crazy.  Sometimes interestingly sweet.  Sometimes interestingly disobedient.  Sometimes interestingly funny.  But always interesting.  It’s like reading a reading a really good book and just when you think you’ve figured it out, something unexpected happens.  Or watching a movie that you may have seen before but it still surprises you with it’s humor.  I find so many conversations with kids interesting.  And funny.  And sweet.  And….


Here are a few recent conversations with my kids:


My Dear Daughter:  Mom?

Me:  Yes?

DD:  *pause*  I forgot what I was going to say.

Me:  Was it, “Mom you’re awesome.  Thanks for taking such good care of me”?

DD:  NO!!

(Well, it was worth a shot.)



My Dear Son: You’re wearing all black.

Me:  I have a purple shirt on.  (However, I had on black pants and a black cardigan.)

DS:  You should change.  (Please note this child is 4 years old.)

Me:  Why?

DS:  You look weird.

(Apparently I shouldn’t begin a Goth phase soon.)



My Dear Son:  I’m thirsty.

Me:  Drink some of your water.

DS:  I’m thirsty for cake.

(Hmmm, now I’m a bit thirsty for cake.)



From a few months ago:

My Dear Son: “Banana” is how you say “Hello” in Spanish! 

Me: “Hola” is how you say Hello in Spanish.  

DS: Well, “Banana” is another way to say “Hello” in Spanish. 

(I wonder how someone would feel if we greeted them with “banana”?  I suppose there are worse greetings.)

2014-09-05 14.31.19



And occasionally they’re good for one’s ego:

As I pick up a baking sheet to carry it to the sink, My youngest son asks:  You can do that with one hand?

Me: Yes.

DS:  Woah

(Yes, that’s right, Mommy is All. That.  Please make a note of it, because I’m sure we’ll forget it 2 minutes from now.)



Lessons learned.

This weekend we had a low key weekend.  (Which means we stayed home quite a bit and at one point my teenager thought he would lose his mind with boredom.)  However, despite the slower weekend I still learned some important lessons:

1. Never let your phone drink coffee. Not ever.  It will not work better.  Instead it will insist it can take a few days off.  This is also true for key fobs.

2. Being told by the phone technician that one’s phone smells like coffee is a bit embarrassing, even if you’ve already explained what happened to your phone.

3. If a key fob drinks coffee it will randomly set off the vehicle’s alarm.  However, since it is wired on caffeine, it will NOT allow you to stop the alarm.  The key fob finds it extra amusing if you’re in a quiet neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon.

4. Despite my love for coffee, smelling it on my clothes, bags, and electronics for hours is not nearly as enjoyable as drinking it.

5. Rice is awesome.*  Not only is it tasty, it can salvage phones and key fobs.  It does requires patience. Pulling a phone out of the rice before it is ready will make the phone misbehave even more than usual.

2014-09-02 13.51.16

6. If a friend gives my children a pogo stick they will think they’ve experienced a little bit of heaven.

2014-09-02 13.52.45

7. Moms can learn to pogo stick too.  By ‘learn to pogo stick’ I mean successfully jump 3 times before falling.

8. There is a wiki how link on pogo stick jumping that might have saved me some embarrassment had I read it sooner.  However, it assumes a higher lever of success than I will ever aspire to.

9. On the morning after a three day weekend my children will be ready for school early.  Every weekend should be a three day weekend.

(Okay, that last one might not be a new lesson learned, more of a reminder of an old lesson.  And a dream for the future.)



* If you would like some rice with a slight coffee flavor, I can help.

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