Lessons learned.

This weekend we had a low key weekend.  (Which means we stayed home quite a bit and at one point my teenager thought he would lose his mind with boredom.)  However, despite the slower weekend I still learned some important lessons:

1. Never let your phone drink coffee. Not ever.  It will not work better.  Instead it will insist it can take a few days off.  This is also true for key fobs.

2. Being told by the phone technician that one’s phone smells like coffee is a bit embarrassing, even if you’ve already explained what happened to your phone.

3. If a key fob drinks coffee it will randomly set off the vehicle’s alarm.  However, since it is wired on caffeine, it will NOT allow you to stop the alarm.  The key fob finds it extra amusing if you’re in a quiet neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon.

4. Despite my love for coffee, smelling it on my clothes, bags, and electronics for hours is not nearly as enjoyable as drinking it.

5. Rice is awesome.*  Not only is it tasty, it can salvage phones and key fobs.  It does requires patience. Pulling a phone out of the rice before it is ready will make the phone misbehave even more than usual.

2014-09-02 13.51.16

6. If a friend gives my children a pogo stick they will think they’ve experienced a little bit of heaven.

2014-09-02 13.52.45

7. Moms can learn to pogo stick too.  By ‘learn to pogo stick’ I mean successfully jump 3 times before falling.

8. There is a wiki how link on pogo stick jumping that might have saved me some embarrassment had I read it sooner.  However, it assumes a higher lever of success than I will ever aspire to.

9. On the morning after a three day weekend my children will be ready for school early.  Every weekend should be a three day weekend.

(Okay, that last one might not be a new lesson learned, more of a reminder of an old lesson.  And a dream for the future.)



* If you would like some rice with a slight coffee flavor, I can help.


a new look!

Were you wondering if you’re at the right place?  You probably are!  I was bored with the previous background and wanted a brighter look.  New look, same rambling stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!



We’ve been watching the Olympics this month. I personally have been enjoying volleyball, cycling, and some of the less common sports, such as archery. However, you may not realize we have our own athletes in the Oberlin house. I thought I’d give you the rundown on the current events:

Wrestling: This is probably one of the most popular here and several family members get involved. K is quite the athlete and we help her train frequently. To add an additional challenge, most of the wrestling occurs on a raised platform, which we like to call ‘the changing table.’ To make the sport even more interesting we add objects, such as diapers and clothes to the event.

Shooting: This is another common event, which often occurs in tandem with wrestling. We don’t use guns, but K works to aim and shoot objects to obscure locations. Her favorites spots include behind the changing table and under her crib.

Track and Field: S is the master at this event. He participates in both the 100 and 400 meter events, depending on which friend’s house he is headed to.

Swimming: S enjoys this sport immensely. Whenever he can get to a pool he tries to swim relays and freestyle.

Diving: This event occurred once in our home but now has been strictly banned due to safety regulations. K chose to dive off the high dive (otherwise known as our bed) without the required safety precautions.

Cycling: Another popular one for S. Sadly, he has been disqualified from this event over the next couple days due to a rule violation. Generally, however, he enjoys both individual cycling and cycling with the team of his friends. We are confident he will quickly regain his ranking once he is allowed to return to the event.

Triathlon: This one is Matt’s speciality. He works two jobs, spends time with his family, and tries to finish in time to ‘warm down’ by playing video games.

Weightlifting: Chel will soon be a force to be reckoned with in this sport. She is consistently gaining in strength as her weights (K) get heavier and heavier.

Soccer: This is another popular one for Chel as she runs around house, trying to keep K out of several goals. In Beijing they make it easy by only having one goal to defend. However, at the Oberlin house there are numerous goals to defend, such as plants, cat food dishes, bookshelves, and K’s personal favorite, the black and white cat. K is getting better and better at this sport, becoming faster and more agile. She has started winning matches on several occasions.

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