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This past weekend I took K to a birthday party for a girl in her class.  Her mom is the room mom for the class and I’ve run into her several times at school, but never really had the chance to talk with her.  A friend of mine was also at the party and she mentioned she thought the mom, Kristi, has been her OB nurse…at which point I totally interrupted and started freaking out.  (Which was probably not the reaction my friend was expecting from her brief comment.)  It was one of those moments where something major clicks in your brain; I felt tingles all over my body.

Many of you are very aware of the trauma surrounding my youngest son’s birth.  We moved across the country when I was in my third trimester and my water broke 10 days after arriving in Alabama, when I was only 35 weeks along.  We knew no one in Alabama: no doctors, no friends, no acquaintances.  No one.  I was a mess, terrified and alone (Matt was at home with our other two children.)  If you knew me then you know what a stressful time that was, especially with J’s stay in NICU and his medical issues for the first six months or so of his life.  It hard to think about that period without remembering the pain of those first weeks.

Anyways, back to the birthday party.  The mom of the birthday girl is an OB nurse.  At the hospital where J was born.   The first night I was at the hospital she was my OB nurse, when I was the most scared and alone.  If you read this blog back then you might have read this post about her.  Finally I know why she has looked familiar to me when I’ve seen her at school!  It was awesome to be able to tell her how much she helped me back then.

Sometimes the world seems huge and other times I’m reminded it is a beautifully small place.

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So I’ve been a bit neglectful of this blog…I have the best intentions, but then life seems to get in the way.  (Or is it my kindle?)

Today I took J to see the nephrologist.  For those of you who have forgotten or never have needed to know what a nephrologist is: it’s a kidney doc.  J was overdue for a follow-up appointment.  I was hoping today would be the last one.   No such luck, however, I was reminded again of how much I really like this doctor.  I still struggle with the medical system in Bama, especially given our rough beginning, but this doctor is great and his office is really good to work with.  It’s refreshing.  With that being said, I’m very glad I don’t have to work with them often!

Overall J is doing great.  He’s in the 90th percentile for height.  (Yes, I need to point out I managed to have tall babies and toddlers.  Given my ‘height impairment’, I’m quite proud of this.)  J is in the 50th percentile for weight, has the right size noggin, etc.  His kidneys look good too.  There is still a slight blockage in one of them, but the doctor isn’t concerned.  We’ll do a follow-up in a year, but the doctor says the risk of J having future problems with his kidneys is really small.  Yay!!  So although I’d have preferred to be done with this piece of his medical life, the news is still great.

Other than that, we’re reasonably healthy at the moment.  The school year is almost done and it’s hard to believe summer is right around the corner!  Maybe I’ll be more prolific with my posts then!

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