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My husband is disappearing before my eyes. You’d think I’d be stressed about it, but I’m not. I’m actually really happy.

No, I’m not mad at Matt. He decided this is his year to get healthier. I LOVE this decision. Love love love it. The apartment complex we live in has been having a ‘Biggest Loser’ contest and they’ve had boot camps, running group, nutrition class, etc. offered free to residents. This has been fabulous. Matt has been working out several times per week. Even the kids go with Matt to exercise and they love it. Well, technically J will not go. He should, he’s in the 75th percentile for his weight! I’m really proud of Matt for how hard he’s been working, especially when he often has the ‘assistance’ of a 9 and 3 year old. Matt’s been getting to know residents here through this process, which has been really nice. There’s a core group of people who have been working out and it’s been good to get to know them a little. Plus, it’s so much easier when you can work out with others rather try to stay motivated by yourself! The lady who teaches the classes is Emily, or Miss Emily as we call her. The kids love her. She does a kids’ exercise group on Friday afternoons, which is a highlight of the week for my kids. Over spring break she even did other classes with the kids doing crafts, healthy snack-making, etc. It was great for the kids and great for Moms to have something else for the kids to do!

If the exercising wasn’t enough thanks to a Facebook post I learned about another diet. One morning I was thinking about how my husband is a carb addict. Seriously. He’d prefer eat carbs with a side of carbs and then some carbs for desert. All smothered in cheese whenever possible. Well, I was thinking about that and later the same day I’m on Facebook and a great lady named Candace posted something about the Carb Lovers Diet ( You know those moments when you feel like the sun is pointing to you in a giant beam and all the birds are singing in unison around you? Ahaaaaaaa!!! This is the diet! I sent the info to Matt and even he got excited about it. The premise of the diet is great. Carbs aren’t bad (to which most of us say, Hallelujah!), but we need to be eating good carbs.

My husband has really liked this diet because he hasn’t had to be hungry. A diet where you can feel full and lose weight? Bonus! What I love about it is I get to incorporate more things in our meals Matt previously refused to eat: barley, brown rice, zucchini, etc. He has historically hated these foods and now he likes them, at least in certain recipes. I am so excited! I am even developing a tolerance for peppers myself. I love when our family’s tastes expand. I live with a man who thought that was almost impossible, especially when it comes to grains and vegetables. Matt and I have both lost weight and I haven’t even been trying. Extra bonus!

So if you don’t recognize the much stronger, skinnier guy I’m with the next time you see us…that’s my great husband.

Ohio bound

Matt left today. Borrowed Dad’s suv with a trailer and loaded up his stuff for his new apartment. A very small trailer for a very small apartment. But it will work for a while. I’m sure the whole leaving process will become easier in some ways as we adjust to the process. However, it may become harder in other ways. Thankfully it should only be for a few months!

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Sick sick sick and sick

Not too much has been happening around here…most of our tribe has been sick recently. It seems we get through one illness and another one comes to visit! This week Matt was the sickest one of the group. In fact the kids and I were out to an appointment on Monday and when we got home Matt was sprawled out on the kitchen floor! That was a bit scary! I had talked to him on the phone 10 minutes earlier, so I know he wasn’t passed out too long, but longer than we’d prefer! Thankfully his health has gradually improved over the week and he’s had no other scary incidents.

Outside of our household, my sister-in-law, Teresa had surgery to remove a tumor from her head last Friday. (Which makes our illnesses seem quite small in comparison!) She is recovering very well and went home from the hospital on Wednesday. She’s got a long recovery ahead of her (and your prayers would be greatly appreciated), but she’s doing well and getting stronger each day. We’re thrilled it went so well and we can continue to both enjoy and torment her for years to come!

Wood wood and more wood

We have a wood stove at our house and this week Matt made sure we’d have plenty of wood ready for winter. His step-dad (who totally rocks) hooked us up earlier in the year with some wood, but it needed to be split. So Matt rented a wood splitter and got to choppin’ on Thursday. I’d say he did pretty well!

There’s nothing like the cozy warmth of a wood stove during the winter!

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We’ve been watching the Olympics this month. I personally have been enjoying volleyball, cycling, and some of the less common sports, such as archery. However, you may not realize we have our own athletes in the Oberlin house. I thought I’d give you the rundown on the current events:

Wrestling: This is probably one of the most popular here and several family members get involved. K is quite the athlete and we help her train frequently. To add an additional challenge, most of the wrestling occurs on a raised platform, which we like to call ‘the changing table.’ To make the sport even more interesting we add objects, such as diapers and clothes to the event.

Shooting: This is another common event, which often occurs in tandem with wrestling. We don’t use guns, but K works to aim and shoot objects to obscure locations. Her favorites spots include behind the changing table and under her crib.

Track and Field: S is the master at this event. He participates in both the 100 and 400 meter events, depending on which friend’s house he is headed to.

Swimming: S enjoys this sport immensely. Whenever he can get to a pool he tries to swim relays and freestyle.

Diving: This event occurred once in our home but now has been strictly banned due to safety regulations. K chose to dive off the high dive (otherwise known as our bed) without the required safety precautions.

Cycling: Another popular one for S. Sadly, he has been disqualified from this event over the next couple days due to a rule violation. Generally, however, he enjoys both individual cycling and cycling with the team of his friends. We are confident he will quickly regain his ranking once he is allowed to return to the event.

Triathlon: This one is Matt’s speciality. He works two jobs, spends time with his family, and tries to finish in time to ‘warm down’ by playing video games.

Weightlifting: Chel will soon be a force to be reckoned with in this sport. She is consistently gaining in strength as her weights (K) get heavier and heavier.

Soccer: This is another popular one for Chel as she runs around house, trying to keep K out of several goals. In Beijing they make it easy by only having one goal to defend. However, at the Oberlin house there are numerous goals to defend, such as plants, cat food dishes, bookshelves, and K’s personal favorite, the black and white cat. K is getting better and better at this sport, becoming faster and more agile. She has started winning matches on several occasions.

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