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It’s a wet, gray day here and we’re still adjusting to the time change, which translates to no motivation.  Since I’m not a fan of my three-year-old spending the day in front of the television I searched through some Pinterest ideas and found a photo scavenger hunt, which sounded perfect.  My youngest hasn’t spent much time taking pictures and when he does they are baaaad….as in we have numerous blurry pictures of our floors if you ever need one.  He hasn’t quite mastered the “make sure you’re aiming at the object before you push the button” part of photography.  Today was a great practice for him.

Here was his scavenger hunt list:IMG_7149

If he took pictures of all five objects he would get a prize.  It’s great to have a motivator!

His first picture:


Granted, it doesn’t especially look like a car, but everyone has to start somewhere, and I love the perspective he has in this picture.  I took this picture so you could fully appreciate his picture of the vehicle:


Then he went in search of a doll, something his sister has in abundance.   We had to practice getting a little further back from the object so we could tell what it might be (his first picture was just a blur of dark and light).  Another day we’ll work on lighting….


When he found a book to photograph we did more practice of backing up a little from the object.  He took several pictures of the book, but here are two of his pictures.  I love both pics.  The first has such a cool feel with its perspective, but the last has the book (mostly) in focus and entirely in the frame.



Find a ball and quick take a picture.  Got to get that surprise!


More practice with perspectives when taking a picture.



And one of the photographer himself:


I can’t wait to do this project with him again…we both loved it.  (He also loved his prize of fruit snacks.)  I’m pretty confident my big kids would have fun with it too, especially if there are prizes involved!

Two pics


I’m slowing down in my beauty challenge!  Only two pictures today.  Maybe that means I’ll start posting more words soon?


IMG_5900 jpg B

Hopefully I’ll have few more peppers before winter. And I’ve got pretty flowers to look at!



IMG_5955 jpg B

The clouds were incredible all day yesterday. Sadly, I didn’t get chance to take pics until evening, but here is a glimpse at sunset from my deck.


What beauty have you seen today?




another photo dump…I mean well planned post

Well, I haven’t forgotten the beauty challenge, though I haven’t been great at posting (I did warn you).  Tonight I am giving careful consideration to what I should write.  Or maybe I’m just quickly posting some pictures before I get even farther behind.  One of those.



Light bursts are cool.




Remember how much I like water drops?




Hopefully I’ll have some more tomatoes to take pictures of and torture you…I mean gift you with.




Spider webs and light. Sometimes I find them cool…as long as they’re outside.


That’s it for tonight!  God bless!





getting behind!

I’ve been getting behind with my beauty project posts.  I’ve been taking some pictures, but not getting them posted.   So this is a catch up post!



My daughter hung this in the window this past week. When I look up in the trees I get to see some of the beauty my daughter made too.




God made some cool bark on trees. The other day I saw a funky tree trunk at my daughter’s school. I’ll have to try to get a picture in the future. This picture is from my deck.  I love the light shining on the tree trunk.




I liked the contrasts and lines on the deck. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”




These tomatoes have been so neat to watch. As they’re started to ripen they’ve been different shades even though they’re so close together. Top one is the reddest, the one to the east is orange, and the green/yellow one is on the west side. What an impact a minor difference in sunlight makes! There’s probably a few life lessons in there, but I’ll let you sort through them.  🙂


Have you found any unexpected beauty lately?  I’d love to hear about it!

Pictures from this morning


Water droplets are cool.


I love the reflections/magnifications from water.



Can you see the drops of water hanging off the tips of the leaves?



No water droplets in this picture. But I like pine cones too.


What beauty are you seeing lately?


Random pics from this week

Here are a few pics for my beauty project this week.  It’s been a bit of a stressful week, so it’s good for me to spend time focusing on beauty and gratefulness!



Herbs. I like ’em.




One day after school my littles were happily playing ‘in the beans.’ Seeing kids having fun with each other and the world around them is an incredibly beautiful thing.




Sunshine streaming through the trees this morning.


How about you?  Have you been searching for beauty?  The more stressful, painful, and/or intense life gets, the more important it is to search for beauty.  It gives solace.  It gives hope.  It helps with perspective.  Sometimes it simply provides a drop of relief.  Beauty is needed.  And God has put it around you, somewhere!  Keep searching, my friends!


Bird feeders aren’t just for the birds

Yesterday morning I was so excited to see a fairly big woodpecker on my feeder.  I never did see him again…maybe he figured if the paparazzi was here he’d better stay away.  However, last night I spied this on my bird feeder:


This beauty was also on my deck yesterday afternoon!


Have you noticed some days it’s hard to find beauty and other days it seems to ooze out?  Hopefully today will be an oozing day for you!

A little excitement for me

I’ve been a bird watcher for about ten years.  When I started paying attention to them I was working in an inner city a lot.  It was awesome to see little reminders of God’s creation in concrete settings!

Ten years later I still love to watch them.  I’ve been hauling my bird feeders with every move and happily sharing birdseed every place we’ve lived.  Yesterday and today I was trying to get a nice picture of some of the visitors to our deck.   However, between our schedule and my kids not appreciating the time I wanted to spend sitting quietly, it was a challenge.

Here was an attempt today:


can you see the bit of blurry tail on the far left side? I was a bit too slow.


ooh, a brown bird eating.


okay, not the most thrilling for a blog post, but at least it’s a decent view of the finch.

Before I knew what was going on there was another bird in my camera’s viewfinder and for once I snapped a picture fast!  This is the first time I’ve seen a red-bellied woodpecker in this yard.  He’s almost too big to get birdseed out of our feeder, but he managed!


They’re not a rare bird, but it’s rare for one to visit my feeder.

Sometimes (or often!) when we’re looking for one thing God shows us something even cooler.  I love that.

Keep searching for beauty, friends!

Two days worth of pics from my deck

Here are three pictures from my deck.  Two are from yesterday and one was taken this morning.




My son wearing my shoes.
When he saw this picture he commented, “I can’t see my head.”




I haven’t had much ‘bounty’ from my little potted garden this year, but it’s been fun to watch the plants grow.



I love this project.  If I’m not intentional about looking for beauty I frequently miss it.  This is forcing me to search.  And when I diligently search for it I’m able to find some.  I need to make that a habit!




Generally I don’t think of spiders as beautiful.  While  I appreciate they eat bugs and can make pretty webs, they usually fall into the ‘eww…get it get it!!’  category.  On occasion I will see a really interesting one and think it is cool…from a distance of course.

Today was one of those rare occasions where I saw it as a source of beauty on my deck.


From the green hue of the body to the pattern on her back, or the ‘hairs’ on her legs, this little spider oozes some amazing details.

I also don’t usually see a mess as beautiful.   Instead I ‘see’ the effort required to fix it.  Whether it indicates happy play for my kids, or a learning opportunity for the one who spilled, there is beauty there that I miss.  Far too often.

Yesterday my son was playing with flour on the deck and this is where it spilled.  This morning my daughter drew in the spilled flour.  I love the contrasting patterns of the finger stripes in the flour and the wood of the deck.


I think I need to view much of life with new lenses.  Instead of seeing something as unpleasant, I need to look harder for the beauty.  It’s there. Somewhere.

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