More science

Today is the last day of spring break and it is rainy and gloomy.  Thankfully I was ready for such a day!  Do you remember my previous post regarding the science activity?  That is what we did this morning…and the kids loved it.  Of course, my oldest wanted more and more chemicals involved, ones that would not be preschool approved.  But despite his inability to use those today he loved the activity.  It was great to watch the kids make observations about what happened when they mixed things together.  They observed colors, smells, and of course which combinations made fizzing/bubbling reaction.  The kids were focused:









After a while the youngest became bored with mixing and started building instead.



All in all, a great way to spend a rainy morning!


It’s another gray, wet, and dreary day and my three-year-old and I are staying home, so I again went to Pinterest to look for fun ideas.  Today I found one quickly: Mad Science, a perfect activity for J.  What child doesn’t love the chance to mix, create, and see what happens?   Usually we’re cooking together where  there isn’t much room for creativity.  Today J kept asking, “Can I do/mix/try this?”  Yes!  Mix anything you want!

This activity is super easy to prepare.  Grab jars, bowls, measuring spoons, stirrers, droppers, etc.  Then add goop to mix: colored water, vinegar, baking soda, shampoo, etc.  I also used salt and yeast.  Next time I think I’ll include lemon juice; there will be a next time.  Maybe we’ll do this over spring break…I think all three would all enjoy it, even my twelve-year-old.  I’m sure he will come up with the most creative concoctions!



Mixing in yeast.


Then as a bonus, J did most of the clean-up: water play!



Bubbles are awesome.

Mini Photographer

It’s a wet, gray day here and we’re still adjusting to the time change, which translates to no motivation.  Since I’m not a fan of my three-year-old spending the day in front of the television I searched through some Pinterest ideas and found a photo scavenger hunt, which sounded perfect.  My youngest hasn’t spent much time taking pictures and when he does they are baaaad….as in we have numerous blurry pictures of our floors if you ever need one.  He hasn’t quite mastered the “make sure you’re aiming at the object before you push the button” part of photography.  Today was a great practice for him.

Here was his scavenger hunt list:IMG_7149

If he took pictures of all five objects he would get a prize.  It’s great to have a motivator!

His first picture:


Granted, it doesn’t especially look like a car, but everyone has to start somewhere, and I love the perspective he has in this picture.  I took this picture so you could fully appreciate his picture of the vehicle:


Then he went in search of a doll, something his sister has in abundance.   We had to practice getting a little further back from the object so we could tell what it might be (his first picture was just a blur of dark and light).  Another day we’ll work on lighting….


When he found a book to photograph we did more practice of backing up a little from the object.  He took several pictures of the book, but here are two of his pictures.  I love both pics.  The first has such a cool feel with its perspective, but the last has the book (mostly) in focus and entirely in the frame.



Find a ball and quick take a picture.  Got to get that surprise!


More practice with perspectives when taking a picture.



And one of the photographer himself:


I can’t wait to do this project with him again…we both loved it.  (He also loved his prize of fruit snacks.)  I’m pretty confident my big kids would have fun with it too, especially if there are prizes involved!

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