The Kids Were Here, Days 16 and 17

I didn’t do very well at taking or posting pics from yesterday.  It was an intense day.  But here is one pic from yesterday as well as a few from today:


This is our van.  In the house.  J and K took turns driving.  I sat in the back and asked to watch a video.  I probably should have asked them to hand me things and provide snacks.  Maybe next time.

And a few from today:


Two thirds of a lady bug costume.


The last day of school was today!  Days of having very little scheduled and sending the kids outside to play have officially begun.

IMG_4246bPSThis is the last summer before my daughter starts school.  My heart hurts to think about it.  She practiced her lower case letters today to get ready for kindergarten.  She is sooooo excited!

The Kids Were Here, Day 15

I realize my post titles are redundant these days, but it seems to be the only way I can keep track of what day I’m on!!

Today was craft day.  It started as a little spur of the moment project.  But the crafting grew.  And grew.  And grew!

IMG_4202bThis is becoming a castle.  Almost the whole family has participated!  One Lalaloopsy is already enjoying her new chair.  At the bottom left of the picture is her new couch.



The artistic abilities of a two year old.  A future Rembrandt.


IMG_4207bAfter a while it got pretty hard to find the table.  Or the floor.


The Kids were Here, Day 14


You may have figured this out already, but legos are pretty popular around here!



Coming to a theater near you:  Spiderman goes to the Wild West to save Santa Claus.



Another one of our favorite things lately is I Spy books.  So in honor of those: I spy a wheelbarrow, two pots, and a soccer player trying to kick to the right spot.


The Kids Were Here, Day 13

Another busy but fun day for us!  Here are two quick pictures:


One of the favorite games around here is Creationary by Lego.  This was my daughter’s version of a person snow skiing.  In the box on the left side is a robot of my son’s.

IMG_4155bArtwork by my daughter.  She told me she was attempting to draw a grocery cart on the left side, but couldn’t.  On the right side is a monkey, which I love (notice the curly tail).  I have no idea why they were on the same page though.  Maybe she was hoping we could take a monkey grocery shopping?

The Kids Were Here, Day 12

More time outside today!




This explains why rocket scientists generally do not work with their little brothers.

The Kids Were Here, Day 11

Yesterday we were barely home, so I only have one picture to post:



It’s probably obvious, but this is my daughter’s rocket ship.  It has buttons along the sides and top.  It also has two ‘stop’ buttons inside, which I think is darn good planning for a rocket.  I’m glad some of my always-be-prepared genes have been handed down!


The Kids Were Here, Day 10

There’s nothing like water and dirt to draw children.  I think it’s an even stronger magnet than candy.









The kids were here, day 9

IMG_4040bPSK and a friend were building the set for a puppet show.  They weren’t able to finish it due to time constraints, but I look forward to seeing it in the future.  The story line involved two beloved bugs, a castle, and a princess.  Look for it on Broadway someday.



IMG_4052bPSI was informed this poor Lalaloopsy has an injured back.  Here she is waiting in an ambulance.  I’m impressed she’s able to have a smile on her face despite her circumstances.



IMG_4058bPS Another school year is almost over…just over a week left!

The Kids Were Here, Day 8

Today was so busy I only have one little pic today!  It’s not my favorite, but at least I did the assignment.  🙂

While I was cooking dinner my two year old stuck this in my back pocket.  Maybe he thought I’d like a little bling?


The Kids Were Here, Day 7

It was a great day to be outdoors!  My oldest was sick for about 10 minutes…just long enough to be sent home from school…*sigh.*  However, he and his siblings spent a big chunk of time outside today, which provided fun pictures for me (as well at time to read!)





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