Four year olds rock.  My daughter frequently cracks me up, keeps me on my toes, amazes me, drives me bonkers, and makes my heart swell. Sometimes she can do all of those things within a couple minutes!

One of my favorite things about four year olds is they way they use the language and concepts they’re rapidly learning.  Sometimes it just comes out…quirky…which is so fun.   Here are a few of what I like to call “Kisms:”

Recently while riding in the van K and I were talking about driver’s licenses:  “Mom, you should get two licenses.”
Me: “What could I do with two licenses?”
K: “Drive zig zag!”
Well, I have to admit, that does sound pretty awesome!
This morning Dad got up with the kids and let me sleep in late.  When they all came in to wake me up I asked K if she’d had breakfast and she informed me, “We haven’t had a single third breakfast!!!”  She followed that up by telling me she hadn’t had a second breakfast either.  (That is a girl after my own heart!)  Dad, what are you doing to these poor children, feeding them only one breakfast!  the horrors!
A few days ago I asked K to go upstairs and ask Dad a question for me.  K came down very upset, “Mom, he wouldn’t answer me.  I asked him TWO times!!   He just kept on snoring!”  Wow, Dad, you’re only feeding the children one breakfast and not answering when you’re asleep??  Call the authorities!
This morning I told K and J they would need to take a shower in a few minutes and K responds:  “Why?!  We just had one last week!!”  Well, that’s true, but let’s live a little crazy and take another one.
K loves to educate me regarding four and five year olds.  A few months ago she told me, “When I’m five, I’ll chew hair.”  I responded, “we don’t chew hair, we chew food.”  To which K countered, “Last time, when I was four, I chewed hair.  And it wasn’t bad…at all!”  Good to know?…or maybe not.  On another occasion she informed me, “Four year olds love coffee.”  Well, that may be darling, but you still can’t have any.
And then there’s the frequent commentary on my cooking…sigh.
-“Mom, I don’t like squashes.  They taste serious.”
-“Mom, this is yummy, but it doesn’t taste good.”
-I asked her the favorite thing about my cooking:  “When you make meatloaf.”  Is there one thing you don’t like about my cooking?  “That you make stuff that I don’t like.”
-One night at dinner I asked Dad what he thought of the new recipe I made. He said, it’s okay but blah (needing more spices). K leans over and whispers to me, “Maybe you should make good food.”  Yes, I probably should have thought of that.  Silly me.

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