Little conversations

I love talking with my kids, which I described in the last post.  They challenge me and make me laugh all the time.  Here are are few tidbits with my four year old from this past week.

My Dear Son: I’m petting the kitty.
Me: Does he like it?
DS: Yes. I knew he was very shy because he was running away from me.
*I’m sure that’s it.*


On another occasion I moved some chairs to the other room while I was cleaning, which always inspires the kids to build some kind of fort or structure. We’ve had houses, cars, roller coasters, etc.  This time my little guy was building by himself while his siblings were at school:

2014-09-19 14.31.05

DS: I’m trying to make this a rocket ship.
Me: Sweet.
DS: I can’t find a place to lay down.
Me: Bummer. I don’t know what to tell you.
DS: You could tell me something I could do to lay down.
Me: Well, yes, that would be helpful. What I meant is I don’t have any ideas at the moment.
DS: Oh.

(It’s such a bummer when parents don’t have the answer…of course, chances are pretty high if I had given an answer, he wouldn’t have liked it, but that’s a different story.)


This morning I was drawing on some cloth napkins with a fabric marker and this conversation ensued:

DS: Why are you doing that?
Me: Because the writing is faded.
DS: What does that mean?
Me: The writing has gotten lighter than is used to be.
DS: Why didn’t you just say that?

I comforted myself by believing I helped him learn the word.  Unfortunately, I asked him this afternoon was “faded” meant.  He had no idea.  Parenting and *sighing* go hand in hand….

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